Thursday, 7 September 2017

2970° THE BOILING POINT | Opening event from 6.45pm

Venue: The Basement,
The Arts Centre Gold Coast
For 2970°, the four pillars in The Basement at the Arts Centre do more than hold up the building. They represent the Four Pillars of Democracy: Equality, Representation, Freedom and Justice.
Join us for a drink, a snack and a couple of very short speeches at the Opening Event of 2970° as we get to make some noise before plunging into the deep end of big ideas, active listening and exhilarating discussion.

The Four Pillars of Democracy

Opening Event Performances

Democracy, Shock Therapy-style!

TravST takes the assembled through The 4 Democratic Yoga Poses based on the Four Pillars. Performance artist-turned philosopher Joao Montessori, plays backgammon one-on-one, and expounds on the virtues of the Four Pillars from Post-Performance to Post-Democracy

Democracy, Sipat Lawin-style!

Direct from Manila, Sipat Lawin Ensemble entertain a series of artistic interventions into the bedrock of democracy.

Art Installation

Gold Coast artists Rebecca Ross and Byron Coathup animate the Four Pillars of Democracy with some visual, consensual ambience that, in the spirit of democracy, may incite audience action. The art is on display each evening of the event.

Friday, 8 September 2017


The Arts Centre Gold Coast

2970° - Day 1

Event registration from 9.00am

Morning session | Paradise Room

10.00am     Day 1 schedule and 2970° Protocols

10.05am     2970° Generator Project: Elizabeth Ralph and The Fourth Estate

10.10am     Keynote Address by Kyle Slabb

11.00am     Morning tea

11.15am     Key Respondent: Yasmin Khan

11.25am     Key Respondent: Philip Follent

11.35am      Roundtables with Moderators and delegates discussing and voting on Kyle’s provocation.

12.30pm     Moderator reports, vote and closing remarks

1.00pm       Lunch

Lunch | Paradise Room
Lunchtime session | The Lounge

1.15pm      Architecture of Air and Water.  Masters Students, Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University

2970° – Day 1 | Friday 8 September 2017 | Continued
Afternoon session | Paradise Room

2.00pm     Day 1 Afternoon Schedule and 2970° Protocols

2.05pm     2970° Generator Project:  Nina Rae Smith and Design Your Own School

2.10pm     Keynote Address by Jamila Rizvi

3.00pm     Afternoon Tea

3.15pm     Key Respondent: Leila Gurruwiwi

3.25pm     Key Respondent: Mara Bun

3.35pm     Roundtables with Moderators and delegates discussing and voting on Jamila’s provocation.

4.30pm     Moderator reports, vote and closing remarks

Evening session 

5.00pm.    Performance: Gobyerno – Sipat Lawin, Shock Therapy with the Year 11 students of Robina State High School and the 2970° Delegates.

6.30pm.    Mix and mingle with other event participants in The Four Pillars of Democracy at The Basement.  Cash bar available.

2970° - Day 2 | Saturday 9 September 2017

Morning session 

Event registration from 11.00am.

Free time.

Afternoon session | Paradise Room

Morning    Free time to enjoy the Gold Coast lifestyle or explore the arts and cultural scene.

12.15pm     Day 2 Schedule and 2970° Protocols

12.20pm     2970° Generator Project: Mick Angus and The Tamborine Mountain Sports Association Project

12.25pm     Keynote Address by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro

1.15pm       Afternoon Tea

1.25pm       Key Respondent: Nikos Papastergiadis

1.35pm       Key Respondent: Robyn Archer

1.45pm       Roundtables with Moderators and delegates discussing and voting on Hiroshi Ishiguro’s provocation

2.40pm       Moderator Reports, vote and closing remarks

3.15pm       Session close

4.00pm     Light Supper

2970° – Day 2 | Saturday 9 September 2017 | Continued
Evening session | Paradise Room

5.30pm     Doors Open

6.00pm     Final Keynote Address by Julian Assange via live video link from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

7.00pm     The Department of Youth – Local high school students lead us out of 2970° Practising Democracy.

Farewell | The Basement

8.00pm     Farewell the event and delegates at The Four Pillars of Democracy in The Basement, Gold Coast Arts Centre.  Cash bar.