2970° Practising Democracy

2970° The Boiling Point: Practising Democracy engages artists across art-forms and experts from social, scientific and academic fields and a curious public. It's an event in which participants can choose to be part of the action, discussing and voting on key protocols required for humanity's future or where they can quietly listen and observe proceedings in the public gallery. 2970° is an event of empowerment where delegates have a voice.

The intention is to ignite delegate's democratic instincts with humour, intelligence and some massively big ideas.

2970° Practising Democracy features four keynote speakers, each of whom will create a picture of the world they contribute to as a path to proposing a future they wish to make and live in. At the conclusion, each speaker will ask the 2970° delegates to vote on a rule, a law or protocol they require for that future to be realised.

An immediate response to each keynote will be made by two citizen-respondents.

The dialogue created by these responses and the keynotes is the content to be discussed by the General Assembly at 15 roundtables of 10 delegates.

These discussions will be facilitated by skilled moderators whose objective is to lead their group to a final vote which is then registered at the end of each keynote session.

These votes are tallied and the result acknowledged by the General Assembly.

A final session in which these findings are discussed will be driven by younger members of the General Assembly.

This event architecture will be supported by an artistic program that will humorously and provocatively speak to and amplify the event’s thematic concerns. It will also incorporate ideas generated from the 2015 edition and seek to engage the delegates with strategies for taking the ideas generated from the 2017 edition into concrete projects leading into 2019.

A Fourth Estate, set up and run by young artists and thinkers, will provide media coverage, reporting, critiquing and responding before, after and during 2970° in a variety of formats including but not limited to blog, commentary and interview.

A Public Gallery will be established for those preferring to practise democracy in the role of witness.