2970° is the boiling point for gold where transformative change occurs. This alchemy is the inspiration for 2970° The Boiling Point, a future-focussed event based on the Gold Coast that invites local, national and international thinkers to provoke discussion around the kind of future we want to create and live in. 2970° is designed to activate Australia’s cultural and intellectual capital locally, with national and international carriage and significance.

In the inaugural 2015 edition, The Future Is Here, 2970° centred around the facility of the arts to connect with non-arts sectors - such as science, sport, architecture, the environment and technology – in order to create a provocative, progressive future. Keynote Speakers included Director of the London Science Gallery and neuroscientist Daniel Glaser, internationally acclaimed performance artist Stelarc, social impact producer of Naomi Klein’s film This Changes Everything Alex Kelly, speculative architect, nomad and futurist Liam Young and NZ surfer-artist Alex Monteith.

In 2017, the event is themed around the most pressing topic of our time, democracy, and how its health and practice is vital to our future. Thinkers, artists and influencers from Australia and Asia are invited to provoke the imagination of 2970° delegates with ideas about how democracy might operate in the future, what it might look like and how it might adjust to global events.


Program curation and event concept is provided by one of Australia’s pioneering interdisciplinary arts companies, not yet it’s difficult (nyid). nyid is internationally renowned and occupies a unique place in Australia’s contemporary culture as a research unit, a maker of artworks and a think-tank. Led by artist and curator David Pledger, nyid operates at the edge of contemporary thinking as it cross-pollinates artistic and social processes. The company is a key innovator in the development of art-form hybridization, cross-cultural dialogue, new models of international collaboration and event creation.


In 2015, the event was funded and produced by the City of Gold Coast in partnership with nyid and the Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University.

In 2017, the producing responsibility has been transferred to the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct which will be the event’s new home in the lead-up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games and beyond. 2970° takes place at The Arts Centre Gold Coast.